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Professional teeth whitening is a remarkably effective way to lighten and brighten your teeth. Over the years, your teeth can become dark and discolored from a variety of factors. Led by cosmetic dentist Dr. Victor Oelbaum, our team of experienced dental professionals uses state-of-the-art technology to give you a whiter, brighter smile in just one quick office visit.

Please contact our practice for more information on teeth whitening in the Bronx and New York City area.

How Teeth Whitening Helps

Teeth can become yellowed, stained, and discolored for many different reasons, including:

  • Years of drinking wine and/or coffee
  • Tobacco use
  • Natural aging process

Even if you take exceptional care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing, your teeth can still be affected by discoloration over time. However, teeth whitening procedures from Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates can lighten your teeth by six to ten shades or more.

Professional Vs. Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

While many over-the-counter toothpastes, rinses, and mouthwashes claim to lighten teeth, these products often lack the bleaching agents necessary to yield effective results. Unfortunately, many whitening products found in stores simply remove food and debris from the surface of teeth, rather than penetrating the deeper layers of enamel where stains and discoloration typically reside. As a result, it is generally very difficult for over-the-counter whitening products to create any significant change in tooth shade.

For comprehensive teeth whitening that produces dramatic results, dental-grade whitening treatments are a powerful solution. Both at-home and in-office whitening services offered by Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates can reach tooth enamel exposed to years of tobacco, wine, and coffee stains, lightening discoloration for younger, healthier-looking teeth. Results from professional whitening can provide patients with a luminous smile, immediately noticeable upon completion of treatment.

What is the Teeth Whitening Procedure Like?

The dentists at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates offer several different teeth whitening options for Bronx and New York City patients. Dental grade at-home whitening is very effective in treating teeth that are severely stained or discolored. The at-home whitening kits are easy to use and allow patients to achieve the vibrant, white shade that they choose, especially if they’re looking for that “Hollywood” white smile. In-office or laser whitening can be a good solution for patients who need a speedy treatment, with the entire process only taking about one hour to complete. The in-office whitening can help to achieve slight whitening enhancement, but it typically does not produce the same results as the at-home treatment. There is no downtime associated with any of Dr. Oelbaum’s teeth whitening options.

What is the Best Teeth Whitening Option For Me?

At Victor Oelbaum & Associates, we offer whitening treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and goals so you can brighten your teeth with the ultimate levels of comfort and convenience. To help you reach your ideal tooth shade while ensuring your whitening regimen accommodates your personal schedule, our cosmetic dentist will evaluate your teeth prior to creating your treatment plan. Together, you two will discuss whether in-office treatment, at-home whitening kits, or a combination of both methods is the most ideal technique to whiten your smile. In general, patients can receive the best results when they complement at-home teeth bleaching with periodic laser whitening sessions at our practice. Every detail of treatment, from the frequency of whitening to the amount of bleaching solution used in the at-home kits, can be personalized to your preferences for a customized whitening experience.

If you would like to consider a more permanent option to achieve white teeth, don’t hesitate to ask us about porcelain veneers. These cosmetic solutions can be an effective whitening option if a tooth is deeply discolored or retains other aesthetic flaws, such as appearing worn, short, chipped, or gapped. The thin porcelain shells that act as the veneers can closely resemble natural tooth enamel and are typically stain-resistant, allowing patients to conceal severe yellowing and discoloration with a natural-looking result.

How is Tooth Sensitivity Managed During Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Our practice strives to provide comfortable oral care for individuals with a variety of needs, including those who experience enhanced levels of tooth sensitivity. Sometimes, the bleaching agents found in a professional whitening treatment can exacerbate sensitivity for patients. Fortunately, our doctors can take a number of measures to decrease potential sensitivity, including adjusting the amount of bleaching gel applied in order to curtail the strength of whitening treatment. A few easy things you can do to manage potential tenderness in teeth include:

  • Using fluoride dental products designed to decrease sensitivity, such as Sensodyne® toothpaste, two weeks before starting treatment
  • Using a toothbrush with softer bristles
  • Decreasing the frequency with which you use your at-home whitening kit (e.g. every other day as opposed to every day)
  • Requesting a bleaching gel with a lower level of peroxide

If you are feeling discomfort during your treatment, our practice can customize your whitening experience and provide you with solutions to accommodate your sensitivity. Please don’t hesitate to raise any concerns with our doctors or staff.

How Can I Preserve Teeth Whitening Results?

Professional teeth whitening can be a simple and effective way to dramatically improve your smile; however, results are not permanent. As your teeth continue to be exposed to staining agents from food, drinks, and tobacco, they will eventually begin to experience discoloration again. To preserve the results of teeth whitening, many patients undergo occasional “touch-up” treatments. Daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash are also simple ways to extend the longevity of treatment results. For more information about how you can prolong the outcome of your results from whitening, please ask our doctors or staff.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

As a personalized treatment, the total cost of teeth whitening will be unique to each patient. While providing an accurate cost estimate without knowledge of your unique needs is impossible, the national average price of teeth whitening usually ranges from $200 to $1,000, depending on which method of teeth whitening (at-home kits vs. in-office laser whitening) you prefer, the number of in-office sessions you undergo, and your cosmetic goals. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote after a consultation with one of our dentists. In addition to accepting most major payment methods, our practice also works with CareCredit®, a dental financing company that offers qualified patients an array of low- to no-interest payment plans to make their teeth whitening expenses more affordable. If you would like to learn more about the cost of teeth whitening, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, please contact our practice.

Teeth whitening is one of the many ways that Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates can make your smile beautiful, fresh, and bright! Please contact us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation.