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Typically, gum disease is caused by plaque and bacteria that invade the gums. Good oral hygiene, daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental cleanings can reduce the risk of gum disease and help stave off problems in the future.

For those already affected by the condition, they may be experiencing:

  • Receding gums making the teeth appear “longer”
  • Depressions in the gums, or holes between the teeth and gum tissue
  • Inflammation and discoloration along the gum line
  • Deteriorating or discolored tooth structure
  • Tooth loss or tooth movement

Periodontal disease cannot be cured, but it can be treated and controlled. Our skilled periodontist can take steps to remove harmful bacteria and keep the infection from getting even worse. He can also give you preventative treatment and help you establish good oral hygiene routines that can keep gum disease at bay.

More Comfortable Gum Treatment with LANAP Technology

A new technology available at our practice can make gum disease treatment more comfortable and provide results that last longer. The LANAP procedure involves no cutting of the gums and is known to cause less discomfort during and after treatment. This laser periodontal procedure also typically requires fewer visits to the dentist for a complete round of treatment.

The procedure begins with the application of a local anesthetic to the treatment areas to reduce discomfort. A small laser fiber is then placed between the gum and the tooth, and works to clear the infection. Typically, the LANAP laser gum treatment procedure will be scheduled over two office visits, with one half of the mouth being treated each visit.

Recovery from LANAP is typically only about one day, versus the two-to-four week period that can sometimes accompany traditional gum surgery. Most patients are able to resume normal daily activities right after the procedure. This treatment is typically safe for patients with hemophilia, diabetes, HIV, and other conditions. LANAP can also be performed on patients who are taking certain medications or aspirin.

With LANAP, our practice can treat gum disease more comfortably than traditional gum surgery and help you prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. Please contact us for more information on the LANAP procedure in the Bronx and New York City area.