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Ensuring your dental treatment is as pleasant, effective, and comfortable as possible is imperative for the dental team at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates. Dedicated to compassionate, quality care, our experienced dentists and staff work to provide high levels of satisfaction to all of our dentistry patients. Our practice strives to deliver exceptional results in the form of both an enhanced aesthetic smile and improved oral health. More than that, we forge relationships with patients so that each and every individual feels welcome at our practice. Many of our patients have trusted us with their care for decades on end. As such, the feedback provided by our community gives us valuable insight into how we can continue meeting the unique needs and goals of every person who chooses us for their dental needs. Please feel free to peruse the written and video testimonials below to glean a better understanding of the patient experience at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

  • Betty D.

    Below is a testimonial from a special patient of the office.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum’s since my first year in Nursing School in 1980. At that time, Dr. Oelbaum’s office was in Brooklyn. I continued to stay under his care when he relocated his office to Eastchester Road in the Bronx. I stayed with him due to the high quality of treatment I received.

    And when I got married, I transferred my husband’s dental care to Dr. Oelbaum. I even transferred my two girls’ dental care to Dr. Oelbaum once they outgrew their Pediatric Dentist.

    The staff is always courteous and have early Sunday morning appointment availability! We are always seen at our scheduled appointment time.
    – Betty D.

    Thank you Betty!!

  • V. Martinez

    Thank you for transforming my life. I appreciate all of the attention I have received. The feeling I have now is absolutely priceless. You have all done an amazing job. I will be the best-looking bride that I never thought I would be. It has been a pleasure.

    Best Always,
    V. Martinez

  • Carol S.

    The one thing that I can say about Dr. Oelbaum and his staff is that everyone is consistently professional and supportive. It’s always a pleasure to walk into the office. I am greeted courteously and treated in a respectful manner. Dr. Oelbaum and his staff are always considerate and supportive. The office exemplifies “teamwork,” a quality that makes my visits pleasant. I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum for at least 20 years and can honestly say that patient satisfaction is a primary concern.

  • Sabita D.

    Hi, my name is Sabita D. Duffy. My whole family has been patients of Dr. Victor Oelbaum for over 25 years. We are satisfied and grateful for the whole experience. Dr. Oelbaum is knowledgeable and efficient. He is concerned about his patients’ overall well being. The staff at Dr. Oelbaum’s is exceptional. Smiles and pleasantries greet one upon entry to the office. The rooms are spacious and clean. Well equipped too. Emergency visits are welcome and follow up calls are pleasant and calming to patients. I look forward to all visits at Dr. Oelbaum no matter how serious the visits are. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Oelbaum and his wonderful staff.

  • Phyllis M.

    I’ve been coming to Dr. Oelbaum & Associates for more than 20 years. I even stayed with him after he stopped taking UFT insurance. I’m a retired teacher. I have no intention of ever leaving, unless I move to another city. I find the office extremely friendly, professional, and clean. I’m very comfortable when I come here. I’ve had so much work done in my mouth and never any problems or pain. I’m very happy here.

  • Nancy S.

    My name is Nancy. I have been coming to Dr. Oelbaum’s office for 3 months now. Dr. Kelso and staff have been very helpful and caring. I greatly appreciate their work. Thank you everyone!!

  • Bryan H.

    My name is Bryan Hambric. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kelso’s since August 2016. Jody and the staff are very nice and attentive. I’m fortunate to have choose this firm.

  • Gwendoline A.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum’s since 2004, and I have only great accolations for the staff (past & present) and the services. The staff is patient, polite, and professional. I have never left the office without receiving a dental care package. I, without any reservations, can recommend anyone to this facility. My length of years as a patient speaks volumes.

  • Sandra V.

    My name is Sandra Vanterpool. My family and I have been patients by Dr. Oelbaum for over 27 years. His staff cannot be more friendly. I especially love my hygienist, Jennifer Zerafa. She is the best. Tamara, Ashley, and Amanda, to name a few, are fantastic. I also find Dr. Parikh is also fantastic. My daughter, Kaila, loves her. I have recommended all of my co-workers to Dr. Oelbaum. The ones that came, say nothing but praises.

  • Ruby V.

    My name is Ruby. I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum’s since March 2016. He is an excellent dentist. His staff is very courteous, pleasant, and know their duties. I will recommend Dr. Oelbaum to anyone who is looking for an excellent dentist with a dynamic staff.

  • Luiza M.

    I’m so glad I found Dr. Oelbaum’s office. Everyonbe I have dealt with has been professional, courteous, and kind to me. The staff is so nice and welcoming, and I can tell that the dentists and specialists know what they’re doing, and do a great job. They have taken the stress out of being at the dentist. I would recommend anyone to this office.

  • Davida

    Dr. Oelbaum has been our family dentist for years. Only positive experiences to speak of. I have recommended his dental practice to all of my family and friends. And they have all thanked us for the recommendation!!

  • Melissa

    This is by far the best dentist family ever! Not only are they super friendly but also very professional. The office is very clean and neat. Wait time is not long at all and they are always willing to work around anyone’s busy schedule.

  • Stephen

    I am writing this review after my third visit to Dr. Oelbaum and associates. The quality treatment by Dr. Oelbaum and the staff have proven to be consistent.
    They did a great job educating me about the procedures, and the work speaks for itself.

    I recommend everyone to at least get their next cleaning at Dr. Oelbaum and associates, although it was a routine appointment, it was a pleasant experience.

  • Juanita

    I have been coming here for almost two years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have completely fixed the problem I was having with my teeth and did so without making me feel any discomfort. The staff are all so polite and always remember my name and details about my past visits; I don’t have to endure that awkward recap like at other dentists. They are also very considerate and work with you to find the best payment options. I definitely have recommended this office and would continue to do so to anyone looking for a dentist.

  • Ervin

    OMG!!!!! That’s all I have to say…greatest experience ever. I was terrified in seeing a dentist to work on a tooth that was broken and had to drill and patched up…NO PAIN!!!!!! Doctor Kelso was so gentle and now my fears are pass me now. She’s the Best!!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks later and I’m here again.

  • Jay

    This review is for the extreme candy lovers who did not take heed to the dangers of excessive candy. So just like me, no doubt you will hear the dreaded words “root canal”, however there is hope in the form of Dr. Strickman and Dr. Oelbaum. They are the BEST…I’ve had previous root canals (as I said before extreme candy eater)…so I was afraid of my impending doom but to my surprise no pain. Yes my friends it is possible… I was amazed as I sat there watching the view (yes every room has a TV to distract/relax the client) it was so easy. definitely wish I had found them earlier on. However better late than never. So candy lovers eat to your content. Just kidding but in case caramel, chocolate etc. get the best of you, you know where to go …2335 Eastchester Road

  • Jess

    About a year ago I had a dental emergency (abscess) occur suddenly and without warning. I recently moved and no dentist seemed to be open on a Sunday. I needed immediate care and was in horrific pain. Out of desperation I called 1-800 Dentists and was completely lucky that they connected me to Dr. Oelbaum’s office. They were so amazingly kind to squeeze me in as a new patient that same day so I didn’t have to suffer. I’ve been seeing them ever since (and even got others to go!). The staff, hygienists and dentists are all so incredibly friendly (if you are scared of dentists THESE are the guys and gals you want to go to-trust me you will not be afraid). The care is top notch and cutting edge. I ask a lot of questions and they never rush me. I have been incredibly satisfied with the care that I have received and the quality and you will be too.

  • Chantay

    This entire practice is amazing. I was referred to them by 1-800-Dentist. I needed to find a cost effective dentist to repair a post and get a crown. The entire staff is pleasant. The wait times are very minimal. Dr. Oelbaum calls all new patients prior to their first visit to check in. I am currently on my 2nd visit and I will definitely continue to be a patient here!

  • Alex

    First let me start off by saying I have a crazy phobia of dentists. I’ve always been terrified hence me not actually going to the dentist for a while after something bad happened. Anyways, I went there with an emergency at 8 AM on a Sundaymorning in pain. I walked in and the girls at the front desk quickly greeted me in a kind and caring matter. From there on I explained my problem and that I didn’t haven insurance but never the less the did their best to accommodate me and made sure I felt at home. I quickly became very comfortable seeing how friendly and relaxed and personal they were. They did some work on my mouth and in the end I have to say it’s probably the best dental experience I have ever experienced. Trust me, if you’re afraid of dentists, have no fear in Dr. Victor Oelbaum and his amazing staff. They got rid of my fear in mere minutes. I will continue to go there for all of my dental needs. Their out of pocket prices are pretty reasonable especially for the caliber of work you’re getting.

  • Alfredo

    Been coming to this dentist office for several months now and can’t be happier with the staff and services provided. Always feared going to dentist office and these guys have given me the confidence to see dentist more regularly. One stop shop for all dental needs, so great!

  • Rite

    I’ve been a patient at Dr. Oelbaum’s dental office for about five years. Services rendered include a dental implant and crown, root canal and crown as well as dental hygiene. Dental cleanings are painless and I appreciate the way they focus on preventive care. The office is conveniently located in my neighborhood and by appointment only (waiting time during appointments is usually no more than five minutes). They have state-of-the-art equipment and a professional and friendly staff. Everyone in my family is now a patient at Dr. Oelbaum & Associates and they have my highest recommendation.

  • Jessica

    I recently moved to a new state. I woke up on a recent Sunday (which also happened to be a holiday weekend) with the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. I had no idea what it was but I knew I needed to see a dentist immediately. I had no dentist in the area, my current dentist had no emergency number to call and I did not want to wait in the ER for a dental emergency (I didn’t even know where the nearest ER even was!). I was panicked. After trying to search the web unsuccessfully in blinding pain for a local dentist which I had no clue if they were even any good, I called 1-800-Dentist. The woman was incredibly nice and did all the work to find me an open dentist as close as possible to me. She even called the office, ensured they took my insurance and connected me directly with the office who was prepared with a time shortly later that day to see me. I was seen, had my first dose of antibiotics, a follow-up appointment scheduled and back home all within a few hours of my call. This is an absolutely great service–thank you so much for helping me when I truly needed it! (please try to solicit dentists near the New Haven area in Connecticut that are open on Sundays–there were none within 50 miles! wow!).

  • Shanya

    I love my smile. I always have. Even when my teeth weren’t completely straight, I still loved my smile. Several years ago, back in Tennessee I invested in Invisalign. I loved the straightness that the Invisalign gave, but the dentist created too large of space for my teeth to shift between my trays. The result was small gaps between my top four teeth. People said they didn’t notice, but I always felt it. I felt insecure and lost confidence in the smile I loved. I decided after much thought with my dentist in Nashville that veneers were good corrective option. As I started a new life in New York in 2011, I will never forget the Saturday that I bit into a granola bar and heard the crunch of one of my veneers. I was in absolute shock and complete panic mode, as I wasn’t just dealing with a veneer that had come off but one that was broken. I had just recently moved to New York, did not have a dentist, and had work on Monday. In hysterics I went to the internet contacting any number that popped up on my Google search.

    Luckily, I found the link to Sensational Teeth. I called the emergency number and spoke with Dr. Oelbaum. He was so calming, understanding, and confident that his office would be able to help. They saw me first thing in the morning, ON A SUNDAY. I was so nervous, but as soon as I worked with Dr. Mantinaos (Dr. M) my reservations subsided. He was compassionate and professional. He created a temporary tooth so I was presentable for work and immediately began working on fixing my smile. Dr. M explained why my veneer came off to begin with and reassured me that he would make me love my smile again.

    Throughout my time working with Dr. M, he removed all of the unflattering, poorly done veneers and replaced them using my last Invisalign tray to give me back my original smile. I have received numerous compliments about my smile since I had my veneers redone, and I have Dr. Oelbaum & Associates to thank. I was beyond impressed with my experience with them, as they are the perfect blend of professionalism, affordability, and compassion. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Oelbaum, Dr. M, and the entire staff for reigniting my self-confidence, security, and love of my smile.

  • Yolanda

    My name is Yolanda Davis. I first learned about Dr. Oelbaum from 1-800-Dentist. Back in April of 2007 I was experiencing pain that I could no longer stand and needed to see someone on an emergency basis. Luckily I was directed here on a late Sunday afternoon. After a fourteen year hiatus from any dentist chair, I had developed a keen phobia of even thinking about seeing a dentist, and a massed significant damage to my teeth and gums in the process. When I was sitting in the waiting area that first time I watched other patients interact with the staff and was surprised at how familiar they seemed with one another. The sterile, intimidating image of a dentist’s office that I built up in my head began to fade almost immediately, replaced by a friendly home-like atmosphere. My first impressions were correct. The staff is always so warm and inviting, and I am extremely comfortable here.I live on a teacher’s salary and elected to payout of pocket to continue being treated by Dr. Oelbaum, rather than go anywhere else that accepted my insurance. That’s how confident and comfortable I felt being here.

    I was in need of extensive work, and every step of the way I was kept well informed of my condition, and was well advised as to what the next steps would be in order to ensure progress. I have gone from shaking like a leaf in a storm to feeling confident, relaxed, and knowledgeable which is as important to me as the phenomenal improvement in the health of my teeth and gums, and the exceptional quality of the appearance of my teeth.

    I think that Dr. Oelbaum is a great dentist and I have highly recommended him to all I know.

  • Betty

    My name is Betty DiChiaro and I am a 48 year old homemaker. About 18 years ago I experienced severe pain due to an infected wisdom tooth. Unfortunately, I had neglected my dental care for about a dozen years. Desperate to get relief, I picked up the yellow pages and searched for a dentist close to my home. I came across Dr. Oelbaum’s ad and called the office. After explaining my symptoms and fears, they offered to see me that day.

    Dr. Oelbaum and staff were extremely friendly and helped alleviate my fears. I was treated with gentleness and care. I was impressed with the office and the modern technology that was available.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum and his associates ever since.

    Over the years, I have had general dentistry, periodontal work and most recently orthodontic work. Everyone in the office has been great. I have recommended Dr. Oelbaum and his associates to my family and friends and they are equally happy with their treatment and care.

    At the age of 46, when I finally decided I wanted straight teeth, I met with Dr. Sicklick, an orthodontist at the office and he gave me several options. Together with Dr. Oelbaum, I decided on Invisalign®.

    I could not have imaged the difference in my appearance in 12 months. I am extremely pleased with the result and would highly recommend it.

    Dr. Oelbaum, Dr. Sicklick and the entire staff should be commended for the outstanding work they do.

  • Nereida

    I am a single mother of three children and three grandchildren. My career spans over 30 years working at the American Lung Association, a non-profit organization with a mission to fight lung disease and promote lung health through programs seeking to advocate the rights of non-smoker’s. I am proud to say that our organization is responsible for smoke-free flying, work places, restaurants and most recently hotels. Prior to that, I worked in two city government agencies (Maternal and Infant Care Family Planning and Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs.)

    I first learned about Dr. Oelbaum’s office through 1-800-Dentist and have been a patient for four years. My first impression of the facility was that it was managed by an efficient, caring staff. Dr. Oelbaum and his colleagues offer up-to-date dental services to their patients. In the four years that I have been coming to Dr. Oelbaum’s office, he has made some renovations and or improvements to better serve patients, such as providing coffee in the reception area.

    Compared to my previous dentist, I believe Dr. Oelbaum keeps up with new technology and always makes sure his patients get the best care possible. He is one of those rare doctors who genuinely cares about his patients and often follows-up with a patient who has had surgery or major work. When he learned I was battling breast cancer, he even called me at home, just to say hi!

    The doctors and staff make me feel like I am a part of one big happy family. The minute I walk through the door, I am always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. I am always amazed the staff remembers each patient by name.

    I keep coming to this office because of the thoughtful care, concern and treatment provided to each patient. This wonderful team of doctors and staff run the office very efficiently, delivering appointment confirmations to each patient and very little waiting. They offer workable payment plans, as needed. I have recommended Dr. Oelbaum to my son, and many of my friends and neighbors.

  • Marie

    My attitude at one time was that dentists were like car mechanics. You were at their mercy. Throughout the years, I have had my share of dentists, with little or no satisfaction. My teeth were gradually crumbling like pyramids. The only problem was that this process was going on in my mouth!

    Well, ten years ago, I had the great fortune of hearing several colleagues talk about their experiences and satisfaction with work done to their teeth. I casually mentioned that I was looking for a dentist. I immediately received one of Dr. Oelbaum’s cards. To make a long story short, I called and made an appointment.

    When it comes to going to the dentist, I am just as much a coward as they next person, but the situation in my mouth was even more frightening. When I entered the office, a warm, personable and efficient receptionist greeted me. The office was attractive and spotless, yet it dispelled that “clinical” aura that can be so intimidating.

    I have friends who insist on going to the “city” to see a dentist, with the illusion that going downtown ensures them of the best treatment. I’ve seen the results of the work they received. Unfortunately, their disappointment is obvious and all their money and time spent have been to no avail. It’s their loss, because one of the best, if not the greatest dental community is right here in the Bronx. Dr. Oelbaum and his associates have maintained their instruments on the cutting edge of technology. Patients are warmly and quickly attended to as well. Professionalism and expertise are without question.

    I am a 65-year-old retired teacher of 32 years. Thanks to Dr. Oelbaum and his associates, I now have the smile of a 30- year-old. Occasionally, I receive complements about my lovely smile. Of course I say, “Thank-you” and silently I say, “Thank-you Dr. Oelbaum.”

  • Viola

    I taught for many years in the elementary school in New York City. My career was my fulfilling–a great experience. I taught near Dr. Oelbaum’s office in the Bronx. A friend of mine from school highly recommended him. I have been a patient in the office for more than 20 years.

    The office is very clean, well maintained and managed. Over the years, more staff has been added and are very highly qualified.

    Dr. Oelbaum has always upgraded his office decor and machinery and uses the most modern equipment.

    The office staff is not only efficient, but also very congenial. There is a warm feeling in this office. You are always made to feel comfortable.

    The expertise of the staff is excellent. You always feel they take a personal interest in your particular problem.

    Presently, I am under the care of Dr. Cheng. He is very competent and compassionate. Following a difficult procedure, a member of the staff always calls you at home.

    I am so fortunate to have Dr. Oelbaum and his staff take care of my dental needs, including his hygienist Jennifer.

  • Maribel

    The first day I went to Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates I was filled with fear and dread as I’ve been terrified of dentists for a long, long time. Dr. Oelbaums’ gentle manner and the caring compassionate attention of his assistants and office staff soon put me at ease. Throughout a year long process the quality of care I received was outstanding. Gentle hands, and soothing words eased all my fears. The quality of workmanship was excellent, I now have a smile more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Thank you Dr. Oelbaum & Associates.