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Bronx Dental Implant Patients Benefit from Latest Technology in Dental Imaging

Bronx Orthodontists on Importance of Personalized Treatment
Dr. Victor Oelbaum and his cosmetic and implant dentistry team use Gendex®’s GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-Ray System in place of traditional 2D x-rays to create 360 degree images of patients’ mouths for more precise treatment planning.

Bronx, NY – Dr. Victor Oelbaum, a cosmetic dentist and director of Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates in the Bronx, believes an ongoing commitment to utilizing the latest advances in dental technology is essential to patient care. This philosophy extends to the overall planning and creation of dental implants for his patients by using Gendex®’s GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-Ray System. This innovative technology allows Dr. Oelbaum and his implant dentistry team to create a meticulously precise map of the patient’s mouth. Dr. Oelbaum says the Cone Beam system offers more accuracy and precision than many other technologies that came before it, and helps to provide patients with the most comfortable, natural-looking results.

Dental implants, which are designed to offer a permanent alternative to treatments such as full or partial dentures, replace missing teeth without any extra daily maintenance beyond normal brushing and flossing. According to Dr. Oelbaum, in addition to improving the cosmetic appearance of his patients, dental implants and procedures such as implant secured dental bridges can alleviate difficulties patients have with chewing or speaking, while also avoiding many of the aesthetic and functional problems that can accompany traditional dentures.

In the past, Dr. Oelbaum relied on two-dimensional x-rays for the planning of dental implant procedures. The GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-ray System not only creates a three-dimensional 360 degree image of the patient’s mouth, but also comes with a software package that allows Dr. Oelbaum to virtually place dental implants within the scanned image to optimize precision during the actual dental implant procedure. He says the largest advantage of this new technology is the increased amount of information a dentist can obtain before surgery begins. Before the introduction of cone beam x-rays, Dr. Oelbaum would have to wait until a patient’s surgery was underway to discover if there was a significant absence of bone and if a patient needed to have a bone graft performed.

Dr. Oelbaum highlights that while the GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-ray System is used most often to create reliable, precise treatment plans for dental implant cases, this technology has additional uses for his patients. The machine and its software can also be used for sinus lift procedures or special root canal cases in which there are extra canals or a bone fracture. For the patients of Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates, the GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-ray System can yield the benefits of virtually eliminating any guesswork on the part of the surgeon, a more comfortable method to obtain images of the patient’s mouth, increased surgical accuracy, and more successful long-term results.

About Victor Oelbaum, DDS

Dr. Victor Oelbaum earned his medical degree from the University of Maryland and serves as the director of Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates. A Bronx cosmetic dentist, Dr. Oelbaum is an active member of the American Dental Association as well as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry for over 26 years. Dr. Oelbaum is available for interview upon request.

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