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Bronx Dentistry Practice Employs In-House Prosthodontist For Full Mouth Reconstructions

A prosthodontist is specially trained in oral rehabilitation techniques including dental implants, crowns, bridges, composite bonding, and implant-secured dentures.

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Bronx, NY – A prosthodontist undergoes unique instruction in the techniques and technology used for tooth restoration and replacement. Full mouth reconstructions are the most complex of oral rehabilitation cases and require a comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of procedures available. Depending upon the individual patient’s unique complications and concerns, a prosthodontist creates a customized treatment plan that combines several procedures to restore tooth function and improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. In advanced destructed dentition, full mouth reconstruction procedures performed by a specialized prosthodontist can involve: full arch reconstruction; utilization of multiple dental implants; restoration of correct vertical dimension; and re-establishment of correct inter-arch occlusal relationship.

Ultimately, the team of dentistry professionals at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates employ the latest techniques to provide customized care for their patients. Patients who are seeking full mouth reconstructions should consider choosing a certified prosthodontist as their provider. By choosing a prosthodontist for oral rehabilitation, patients can be sure the doctor performing the surgery has advanced training to handle both the aesthetic and the functional components of tooth restoration and replacement.

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