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My name is Betty DiChiaro and I am a 48 year old homemaker. About 18 years ago I experienced severe pain due to an infected wisdom tooth. Unfortunately, I had neglected my dental care for about a dozen years. Desperate to get relief, I picked up the yellow pages and searched for a dentist close to my home. I came across Dr. Oelbaum’s ad and called the office. After explaining my symptoms and fears, they offered to see me that day.

Dr. Oelbaum and staff were extremely friendly and helped alleviate my fears. I was treated with gentleness and care. I was impressed with the office and the modern technology that was available.

I have been a patient of Dr. Oelbaum and his associates ever since.

Over the years, I have had general dentistry, periodontal work and most recently orthodontic work. Everyone in the office has been great. I have recommended Dr. Oelbaum and his associates to my family and friends and they are equally happy with their treatment and care.

At the age of 46, when I finally decided I wanted straight teeth, I met with Dr. Sicklick, an orthodontist at the office and he gave me several options. Together with Dr. Oelbaum, I decided on Invisalign®.

I could not have imaged the difference in my appearance in 12 months. I am extremely pleased with the result and would highly recommend it.

Dr. Oelbaum, Dr. Sicklick and the entire staff should be commended for the outstanding work they do.