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My attitude at one time was that dentists were like car mechanics. You were at their mercy. Throughout the years, I have had my share of dentists, with little or no satisfaction. My teeth were gradually crumbling like pyramids. The only problem was that this process was going on in my mouth!

Well, ten years ago, I had the great fortune of hearing several colleagues talk about their experiences and satisfaction with work done to their teeth. I casually mentioned that I was looking for a dentist. I immediately received one of Dr. Oelbaum’s cards. To make a long story short, I called and made an appointment.

When it comes to going to the dentist, I am just as much a coward as they next person, but the situation in my mouth was even more frightening. When I entered the office, a warm, personable and efficient receptionist greeted me. The office was attractive and spotless, yet it dispelled that “clinical” aura that can be so intimidating.

I have friends who insist on going to the “city” to see a dentist, with the illusion that going downtown ensures them of the best treatment. I’ve seen the results of the work they received. Unfortunately, their disappointment is obvious and all their money and time spent have been to no avail. It’s their loss, because one of the best, if not the greatest dental community is right here in the Bronx. Dr. Oelbaum and his associates have maintained their instruments on the cutting edge of technology. Patients are warmly and quickly attended to as well. Professionalism and expertise are without question.

I am a 65-year-old retired teacher of 32 years. Thanks to Dr. Oelbaum and his associates, I now have the smile of a 30- year-old. Occasionally, I receive complements about my lovely smile. Of course I say, “Thank-you” and silently I say, “Thank-you Dr. Oelbaum.”