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I am a single mother of three children and three grandchildren. My career spans over 30 years working at the American Lung Association, a non-profit organization with a mission to fight lung disease and promote lung health through programs seeking to advocate the rights of non-smoker’s. I am proud to say that our organization is responsible for smoke-free flying, work places, restaurants and most recently hotels. Prior to that, I worked in two city government agencies (Maternal and Infant Care Family Planning and Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs.)

I first learned about Dr. Oelbaum’s office through 1-800-Dentist and have been a patient for four years. My first impression of the facility was that it was managed by an efficient, caring staff. Dr. Oelbaum and his colleagues offer up-to-date dental services to their patients. In the four years that I have been coming to Dr. Oelbaum’s office, he has made some renovations and or improvements to better serve patients, such as providing coffee in the reception area.

Compared to my previous dentist, I believe Dr. Oelbaum keeps up with new technology and always makes sure his patients get the best care possible. He is one of those rare doctors who genuinely cares about his patients and often follows-up with a patient who has had surgery or major work. When he learned I was battling breast cancer, he even called me at home, just to say hi!

The doctors and staff make me feel like I am a part of one big happy family. The minute I walk through the door, I am always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. I am always amazed the staff remembers each patient by name.

I keep coming to this office because of the thoughtful care, concern and treatment provided to each patient. This wonderful team of doctors and staff run the office very efficiently, delivering appointment confirmations to each patient and very little waiting. They offer workable payment plans, as needed. I have recommended Dr. Oelbaum to my son, and many of my friends and neighbors.