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I love my smile. I always have. Even when my teeth weren’t completely straight, I still loved my smile. Several years ago, back in Tennessee I invested in Invisalign. I loved the straightness that the Invisalign gave, but the dentist created too large of space for my teeth to shift between my trays. The result was small gaps between my top four teeth. People said they didn’t notice, but I always felt it. I felt insecure and lost confidence in the smile I loved. I decided after much thought with my dentist in Nashville that veneers were good corrective option. As I started a new life in New York in 2011, I will never forget the Saturday that I bit into a granola bar and heard the crunch of one of my veneers. I was in absolute shock and complete panic mode, as I wasn’t just dealing with a veneer that had come off but one that was broken. I had just recently moved to New York, did not have a dentist, and had work on Monday. In hysterics I went to the internet contacting any number that popped up on my Google search.

Luckily, I found the link to Sensational Teeth. I called the emergency number and spoke with Dr. Oelbaum. He was so calming, understanding, and confident that his office would be able to help. They saw me first thing in the morning, ON A SUNDAY. I was so nervous, but as soon as I worked with Dr. Mantinaos (Dr. M) my reservations subsided. He was compassionate and professional. He created a temporary tooth so I was presentable for work and immediately began working on fixing my smile. Dr. M explained why my veneer came off to begin with and reassured me that he would make me love my smile again.

Throughout my time working with Dr. M, he removed all of the unflattering, poorly done veneers and replaced them using my last Invisalign tray to give me back my original smile. I have received numerous compliments about my smile since I had my veneers redone, and I have Dr. Oelbaum & Associates to thank. I was beyond impressed with my experience with them, as they are the perfect blend of professionalism, affordability, and compassion. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Oelbaum, Dr. M, and the entire staff for reigniting my self-confidence, security, and love of my smile.