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My name is Yolanda Davis. I first learned about Dr. Oelbaum from 1-800-Dentist. Back in April of 2007 I was experiencing pain that I could no longer stand and needed to see someone on an emergency basis. Luckily I was directed here on a late Sunday afternoon. After a fourteen year hiatus from any dentist chair, I had developed a keen phobia of even thinking about seeing a dentist, and a massed significant damage to my teeth and gums in the process. When I was sitting in the waiting area that first time I watched other patients interact with the staff and was surprised at how familiar they seemed with one another. The sterile, intimidating image of a dentist’s office that I built up in my head began to fade almost immediately, replaced by a friendly home-like atmosphere. My first impressions were correct. The staff is always so warm and inviting, and I am extremely comfortable here.I live on a teacher’s salary and elected to payout of pocket to continue being treated by Dr. Oelbaum, rather than go anywhere else that accepted my insurance. That’s how confident and comfortable I felt being here.

I was in need of extensive work, and every step of the way I was kept well informed of my condition, and was well advised as to what the next steps would be in order to ensure progress. I have gone from shaking like a leaf in a storm to feeling confident, relaxed, and knowledgeable which is as important to me as the phenomenal improvement in the health of my teeth and gums, and the exceptional quality of the appearance of my teeth.

I think that Dr. Oelbaum is a great dentist and I have highly recommended him to all I know.