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A Dentist Who Adapts

For some elderly patients, going to the dentist can present a variety of challenges. Mobility issues can be very difficult, and if the office isn’t understanding, the patient may not want to come back.

At Dr. Victor Oelbaum’s dental office in the Bronx, every care and consideration is given to older patients, from helping them feel safe and secure when getting into the dentist’s chair, to taking the appointment slowly so the patient feels comfortable.“We have a lot of experience dealing with patients,” says Dr. Oelbaum. “The lines of communication are very open.”

He treats many patients ages 90 and up. Recently the children of a patient who is in her nineties called the office, explaining that their mother needed some work done immediately, but that they were worried that she wouldn’t be able to make it into the office and through the procedures. “We did it,” says Dr. Oelbaum. “We’re good at adapting and she’s been coming in on Sundays. We’ve created a treatment plan together.”

As we age, dental health becomes closely linked to overall health, as well as to the decision to take care of ourselves. Dr. Oelbaum notes that when it comes to things like dental implants and bridges, some patients tend to give up as they grow older. He urges everyone to keep their mouths as healthy as possible saying, “It’s about a commitment to long-term health and to taking care of yourself.”Dr. Oelbaum also stresses that issues like pain, infection and disintegrating dental work like bridges should be attended to immediately.

Dr. Oelbaum’s office is a full service dental center, so complicated cases can get the best specialist without having to visit multiple locations. A prosthodontist attends to crowns and bridges, a periodontist takes care of patients’ gums and works with implant candidates, especially when it comes to bone grafting for challenging cases. In addition to an orthodontist and an oral surgeon, a root canal specialist makes that procedure quicker and easier than most people ever thought possible. The office has a special microscope that goes in the mouth and helps make root canals more precise and thorough.

Dental implants are one of the specialties of Dr. Oelbaum’s practice. “Implants change your quality of life,” he says. “Many people are unhappy with bridges. We can get rid of bridges with implants.” He explained that two to four teeth can be implanted on the lower jaw to help hold a lower denture in place. “It’s a life changing type of thing,” says Dr. Oelbaum.

Many patients with very complicated cases, and bad past experiences end up in Dr. Oelbaum’s chair. The office takes each case slowly, working through the initial cleaning and consult at a pace that makes the patient comfortable. “All the doctors in the office sit down and discuss the case together, this is not a ‘get the patient in, get the patient out’ kind of practice,” says Dr. Oelbaum.

Taking care of the patient doesn’t stop once the work is performed. Dr. Oelbaum and his staff see patients many times after the initial work is done. Teeth need to be monitored as changes can occur. Dr. Oelbaum makes sure to see patients through every step and takes the extra time to ensure that every patient achieves the optimal desired result.

Patients who undergo major work or who have a difficult procedure often receive a phone call from Dr. Oelbaum’s office later in the day or in the evening, just to make sure that everything is fine.

Patients will also be pleased with how thorough a routine cleaning is at Dr. Oelbaum’s office. “I tell all my patients that a cleaning is the most important visit,” he says, adding that all his hygienists are very skilled. No interest financing is available for most cases, so don’t put off caring for your mouth out of financial concern.

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