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Bronx Dentist Uses Innovative PROPEL® Technology To Accelerate Orthodontic Results

Dr. Mita Parikh uses PROPEL to reduce orthodontic treatment time.

PROPEL® Orthodontics’ micro-perforations allow patients at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates with Invisalign® or traditional braces to see results faster than ever before.

Bronx, NY – According to most orthodontists, patients want straight teeth but often do not want to wait a year or two to see the results. Invisalign® treatments typically last a year or more, and traditional braces can take even longer for the teeth to move into their ideal position. However, with the help of PROPEL® Orthodontics, dentists can now significantly accelerate the treatment time for her patients at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates.

According to orthodontists, PROPEL® Orthodontics is a revolutionary system that utilizes micro-perforations to reduce the patient’s overall orthodontic treatment time by 30-60 percent. “Micro-perforations encourage the bones that surround the teeth to allow for greater movement so that your Invisalign® aligners can guide the teeth into their ideal position more quickly,” says the team. They also note that micro-perforations have proven equally beneficial for patients who are already in the midst of orthodontic treatment with traditional metal wires and braces.

Overall, the multispecialty dentists at Dr. Victor Oelbaum & Associates state that when combined with an orthodontic treatment, PROPEL® allows patients to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth faster when compared with traditional braces or an aligner-based system like Invisalign® alone. To help maintain the final results, they frequently recommend that patients wear a set of retainer aligners at night. Once the teeth are evenly spaced and in their ideal position, occlusion can improve, brushing and rinsing can more effectively clean the teeth, and patients are left with a beautiful, healthy looking smile.

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