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How does the LANAP™ process work?

The LANAP Nd:YAG™ procedure is a laser dentistry treatment designed to treat periodontal disease. This revolutionary approach to eliminating damaged gum tissue can replace the need for surgery and reduce your recovery time. Periodontal disease, which often manifests as gingivitis, can cause the gums to become sensitive, red, swollen, or even bleed. The teeth may also grow sensitive and, when left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to much more serious health concerns.

Fortunately, with the invention of the LANAP Nd:YAG™ procedure, treating periodontal disease can be easier than ever before. Laser gum treatment is blade-free, and your dentist can precisely target and excise the damaged tissue without impacting the surrounding healthy tissues. A local anesthetic applied beforehand can ensure your comfort throughout the duration of the procedure. Once all damaged tissue is removed, your teeth will be cleaned of any plaque or tartar buildup. Finally, the laser is guided over your gum line one final time to sterilize the area, seal the gums, and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Treating periodontal disease with the LANAP Nd:YAG™ procedure can be a great alternative to traditional gum surgery. After the healing process is complete, you can enjoy a healthier mouth, better-looking gums, and even new growth of healthy gum tissue.